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It is the most powerful and popular coordinate conversion tool

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Now available, Version 7.1 of the most powerful and popular coordinate conversion tool available today now offers new tools for enterprise wide data management to enhance your geospatial projects. These tools extend the power of The Calculator to enable geospatial data definition, manipulation and management across the user�s organization. Manage your mapping data easily, accurately and quickly with the tool that more companies depend on to make certain they have the correct data.

Over the last fifteen years the Geographic Calculator has become the standard tool for coordinate conversion worldwide. You should have this product in your toolbox!

On a basic level, the Geographic Calculator converts individual coordinates, point databases, and map files from virtually any coordinate system, datum, and map projection, to any other.

You can transform Between coordinate systems, calculate the distance and azimuth between coordinates, and calculate a coordinate at a specific distance and azimuth from known starting point. The Geographic Calculator also computes Grid convergence, point scale Factor, datum shifts, and grid shifts. Of course, the Geographic Calculator is professionally documented and supported.

Some of the great features introduced in Calculator v7 include........

An extension enabling the use of the Calculator in ArcGIS
Dockable windows
Workspace settings that can be saved and shipped to other users
Administrative tools that can be used to Lock down editing of the coordinate
Datasource to protect definitions and guide users
Complete FLEXnet licensing for easier porting of licenses and WAN usage
Dongle licensing
A datasource merge tool
The ability to transform between any datum (not just WGS84)
And much, much more.


Fixed some bugs.

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Free to try
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Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000
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No additional system requirements.

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